Summer’s Exciting Exhaustion: Embracing the Ordinary on the Path to Self-Actualisation


10/1/20232 min read

I often find myself pondering whether this channel serves more as a platform for me to share my insights and experiences or as a means for me to introspect and apply those lessons to my own life.

Upon deep reflection, I’ve realised that summers, while undeniably great, are also undoubtedly exhausting. We journeyed, laughed, moved, and improved our health. We met friends near and far, packed and unpacked, and sometimes felt like we were racing against time.

Summer arrives, and we’re exhausted from all the planning and anticipation. Don’t get me wrong; summer is terrific — the early mornings, long evenings, warm waters, and carefree days. But the pressure to make every moment count can be draining.

Why do we diminish the ordinary and fixate on future happiness? Is it the consumeristic nature of society? Do we know what “enough” looks like? I believe it’s possible if it’s internal, not external.

Is the pursuit of “AND THEN HAPPINESS” that makes us chase, achieve, and lose ourselves in summer vibes driven by the fear of missing out?

Perhaps this fear grows from our inability to appreciate what we already have, from our tendency to view the ordinary as a failure.

I’ve realised that the fear of ordinariness is deeply rooted within us. I’m grateful for autumn’s arrival, as it allows me to return to my routine, slow down, and savour the beautifully ordinary moments.

In summary, I’m content with my beautifully ordinary life. I’ll embrace gratitude for every day and stop chasing an elusive “AND THEN HAPPINESS.” My plan is to find summer in my every day.

Therapist Advice:

In today’s media-saturated world, we’re bombarded with information, comparisons, and unattainable standards. These comparisons can lead to stress, anxiety, distorted self-images, and perfectionism.

Let’s delve into the wisdom of self-actualisation theories, particularly Abraham Maslow’s. He postulated that people have a hierarchy of needs, with self-actualisation at the peak. Self-actualisation is the realisation of one’s full potential and the pursuit of personal growth and fulfilment.

To attain self-actualisation, it’s crucial to embrace the beautifully ordinary aspects of life. Reflect each day on what is already remarkable. Align your desires with your values, both personally and within your family unit.

Make choices that resonate with you and your loved ones today rather than postponing happiness to some distant future- summer. In doing so, you’re actively engaging in the journey towards self-actualisation, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and every moment is a step towards fulfilment in life.

From all my Heart,